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The internal fan on Toshiba laptops is designed to cool the machine down when it gets hot. The fan is linked to a thermocouple and will automatically turn on to prevent the laptop over heating.

However on older laptops this is overseen by the BIOS and does not work under a 32bit operating system such as Linux. While it does work on recent laptops what might be fine for the laptop is often too hot for the user. The ability to turn the fan on and keep the laptop that little bit cooler is a relief for many a user.

I have added a number of new options to the fan program. These are a toggle mode that will turn it on if it is off and vice versa, and automatic mode that will turn the fan on if the laptop is currently being powered by the mains.

The current version of the fan program will work on all Toshiba Pentium(tm) laptops that have a cooling fan. If you have previously used a version of the fan program that did not work on your laptop, please get the update to the latest version.

There is now a Microsoft Windows version of the fan program. Unlike the Linux version it is shareware. So if you want to keep using it beyond verifying that it works you need to pay. For more information and a download click here


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