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For me, distributing binaries would be a significant hassle. Each Linux distribution has it's own ideosyncracies, and it is just not feasible for me provide binaries for each distribution. The stable version of the Toshiba Linux Utilities are included as part of the Debian and SuSE distributions. If the thought of compiling it youself is too daunting then use these versions.

If you are having problems downloading the utilities then all I can suggest is trying again latter. It probably means that either the web server is down or there is a problem somewhere on the internet between you and the server. The links are all correct and there is nothing I can do to help. Please be patient and try again latter.

Bug Reports

If you are submitting a bug report, please make sure you are using the latest development version first, it has be correctly installed and the kernel module is loaded. In addition check the TODO file so you are not reporting a bug I am already aware of.

When submitting your report it is vital to tell me what model you are using, what distribution is installed and what kernel revision you are running. If you are reporting a feature that no longer works tell me what version it previously did work on. If a program is crashing tell me what you where doing when it crashed. Without this information your bug report will be worthless noise.


The stable version of the utilities requires Toshiba Laptop support either compiled into the kernel or as a loadable module. For 2.4.x series kernels this is located in the Processor type and features submenu, and for 2.2.x series kernels it is located in the General Setup menu. When you type "make install" the special device files required will be created if they do not already exist.

For historical purposes you can still download version 1.1 of the Toshiba Linux Utilities. However this code is unsupported and it is recommended that you use the latest version. If you cannot get this version to work my only advice on the subject is to use version 2.0 or later.


This is an archive of the snapshots which eventually became version 2.0. In due course these will be removed as I start development on the next version of the Toshiba Linux Utilities.


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