Alternative Icons for KDE
Last modified on 15th February 1999


The icons on this page originally started out as an attempt to reduce the number of colours that KDE was grabbing on my 8 bit display, and to increase the number of file type icons avaliable in the KFM file manager.

These days KDE comes with plenty of icons all using a limited pallete of colours, many of which were based on designs drawn by myself. Personally I don't like these new KDE icons, in particular the yellow wash given to the filetype icons, and the cyan cogs.

I continue to use the icons which I originally drew, and have continued to tinker with them and add new ones ocasionaly, sometimes these are heavly based around the new KDE icons. Currently the icons on this page use a limited pallete of 34 colours, less than icons distributed with KDE, and as an added bonus all the colours are drawn from the 6x6x6 RGB cube used by Netscape and WordPerfect amoung others.

Currently there are no mini-sized (16x16 pixels) versions of these icons avaliable to download, though I have drawn a few. I have also drawn large (48x48 pixels) versions of a few of these icons for those lucky enough to be running high resolution displays on large monitors though they are not included here either. I have included some replacement toolbar icons which use the same 34 colour palete though you can't see them on the web page.

I distribute these icons under the GNU Library license as the XPM format allows for icons to be included in source code and hence compiled into a program, and I don't wish to prevent this by using the more restrictive GNU General Public license.

Filetype Icons

Directory Directory user unable to enter Trash Full Trash Placed over other icons to signify a link Placed over other icons to signify readonly
Executable Object file/Java Class file Makefile C/C++ source file C/C++ header file Assembler Source
lex/flex source Yacc/Bison source source Java source Fortran source Pascal source Meta Object Compiler files
??? source Tar or compessed files HTML file Digitized Sound file Midi file Image file
Video files PostScript file PDF file Text file README file Unknown file
FTP URL Info files WWW URL Pipe Block Device Character Device
Socket Font files TeX/LaTeX files DVI files MetaFont files GF font files
PK font files Documents (ie. RTF, LyX) Man page Application Resource file WordPerfect file RPM package file
Xfig drawing Framemaker document Diff file SPICE file Log file For images that cannot be loaded in HTML
Mount 3.5" Floppy Unmount 3.5" Floppy Mount 5.25" Floppy Unmount 5.25" Floppy Mount Zip drive Unmount Zip drive
Mount CDROM drive Unmount CDROM drive Mount Hard Drive/Partition Unmount Hard Drive/Partition Closed folder in Tree view Open folder in Tree view

Overlayed icons

There have been previous requests to see the link and readonly icons actually over a file so here they are over the basic file icon in all three possible combinations. Please note that at the moment KFM does not support this feature due to limitations in the khmtl widget.

Application Icons

Terminal emulator Usenet reader Email reader Printer Fax Modem
Calculator Cardfile DVI viewer Ghostscript viewer Gopher Paint
DOS Emulator Sun's Wabi Screensaver Internationalzation Clipboard WordPerfect
Applix Image Viewer Help Xv Netscape Navigator 4.x Kedit
Khexedit Kminesweeper Knotes Kpoker Tower Machine

Kool Panel Icons

Launch Menu Window List KFM Home

KFM animated logo

The original animated logo used in KFM II consumed a large number of colours (over one hundred) and on an 8bpp display meant that other applications could not get the colours they wanted. The animation was also rather uninspiring. After a bit of thought I decided that a single gear spinning would make a good animation that need not use large numbers of colours. I also felt that it fitted in well with the rest of the KDE enviroment with a single gear being used for executable files and two gears being used as the launch icon by kpanel at the time, though this has since changed.

A copy of the XPM files making up the logo can be downloaded from here. I have included a copy of the animation as an animated gif below, you need a recent version of KFM to view the animation.


Your browser might well make a mess of the colours if it dithers them (Netscape will if it can't get all 216 colours of the 6x6x6 RGB cube) so you can download all the icons in XPM format as a gziped tar file from here, and you can view them with xbmbrowser, or use them for kfm. If you unpack the tar file in $(KDEDIR)/share it will overwrite all the existing icons with these. You can then restart kfm and kpanel to use the new icons.


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